[ODE] Auto Disable Improvement patch #1586738

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 31 03:07:00 MST 2006

Francisco has submitted a patch among his seemingly hundreds of other
fixes and improvements that I think is similarly beneficial, but may
have been lost in all of the confusion!

I'm refering to this patch:


Which prevents a body from disabling unless it has at least one joint
(of any type) attached to it. As the patch describes, this should fix
the case where a projectile in flight reaches the top of it's porabola
and is ready to start it's descent under gravity - when the
auto-disable tolerances kick in and suspend it in mid air.

With this simple patch applied you should be able to prevent this
happening and allow you to raise the global disable velocities, etc.
thus potentially improving performance.

I've writing this mail to the list instead of simply applying the
patch as there may be undesirable behaviour that occurs as a result of
this change in how auto-disable works, and so I want to make sure that
the majority agree with it.

Please, if you get a moment, try out this patch and report any
problems or reservations you have - conversely if you feel I'm being
over-cautious let it be known and I'll apply it sooner.


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