[ODE] new cylinder/sphere-collider is finished!

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Tue Oct 31 02:00:23 MST 2006

Christoph Beyer wrote:
> The announced new cylinder/sphere-collider is finished!
> here is the new file, ready to replace the old collider:
> http://christophbeyer.de/collision_cylinder_sphere.cpp
> The previously reported bug is fixed now
> and all tests seemed to be right.
> please commit this new file to svn!

Ok, I've tested this, and it looks good in 
test_boxstack and in test_cylvssphere.

I've put it in the SVN trunk.

Nice, work.
Keep going... I want the cyl-vs-cyl test before the end of the week! :-)

Just kiddin' of course, but if you want to take a crack at it...


> Regards
> Christoph
> ps:
> just a crazy screenshot ;-)
> http://christophbeyer.de/funny_boxstack.jpg
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