[ODE] IK character place feet on the ground/dynamic objects

Megan Fox shalinor at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 19:47:00 MST 2006

Dynamic Motion Synthesis would imply functionality of the sort that
would cause a ragdoll to move intelligently (rather than just
"ragdolling") - grasping at a wound, covering its face, whatever.

The stepping-on-a-can bit is done (or at least can be done) exactly as
the original poster suggests, with IK.

As for how to do it, my (still entirely untested) intention was to try
setting the ragdoll-style limb up and colliding it with the world, but
forcing a complete resolution of the impact in a single step.
Obviously this would generate physical forces that would destroy the
sim, so I was hoping I could pull a simple trick like simply setting
all the forces and velocities on the objects back to zero post-step,
using only the positional data generated.

... but like I say, this is entirely untested, and was just going to
be my first attempt at doing IK in a fashion that wasn't entirely
separate from the existing physical simulation.  If that didn't work,
I was resigned to building a separate system just for IK - and if my
half-baked ideas for cloth sim didn't work out, then yet another
separate system for cloth sim.

On 10/29/06, Francisco Leon <projectileman at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Did you mean "Dynamic Motion Synthesis" ?
> I've looking that technology for years!! Is there any
> Open source with Character physics IK?
> It's not fair that such tecnology is reserved for big
> companies such Havok and Aegia.
> In Gammaleon I've trying something of IK with physics,
> but it is not complete yet.
> It is a very interesting topic.
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