[ODE] new Cylinder<->Plane collider

LR logreg at free.fr
Sun Oct 29 01:40:01 MST 2006

 Yes of course the enable/disable disc collision should be a cylinder
property witch apply on all coliders (and not on plane/cylinder file).

Always for the robot with wheels inside robot volume, disabling disc
coliding is great when doing wall following (no colision tests).

The "disabling function" could be bring to capsule, enabling/disabling
semi-sphere colision tests ....


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LR wrote:
>Is it possible to add a function to  enable/disable colliding with the 
>circles ?

Yes, this is a nice idea and in the most cylinder-colliders it is possible.
But a disabling of the circle-collision in a plane/cylinder-collider doesn't
make sense, because disc/plane is the only collision which appears there.
It would be like disabling the whole plane/cylinder-collision.


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