[ODE] Updating ODE SVN with the lastest trimesh collision

Francisco Leon projectileman at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 28 17:56:41 MST 2006

Finally, GIMPACT and the fixed OPCODE have been
integrated to the lastest ODE (20061028)
successfully!!! Now you can switch between these
systems smoothly.

So you can start with the benchmarking now.
what are you waiting?? start your engines!!! :D

The patch is avaliable at:

But now a problem arises: How to upload this patch to
the official ODE SVN??? I don't have access to it.
Jason, please help us with this stuff.

These are the relevant changes:

28/10/06 Jason Perkins , Christoph Beyer and Francisco
* Fixed OPCODE trimesh collision. Now both systems
(OPCODE and GIMPACT) are working at competitive level.
Now, by switching between these systems in the 
'config.h', you can do benchmarking and decide which
system is more convenient for your needs.

* Christoph Beyer has finished with his own
cylinder/plane-collider!   The current collider
(SVN:thrunk) from Bram Stolk looks quit well,       
but his new collider looks well too and is more than
two times faster.

* Fixed box-trimesh collision. There was a "0 normal"
problem in the  '_cldTestEdge'  function at the file
collision_trimesh_box.cpp, which causes that boxes
passing through trimeshes unexpectly, at certain
collision angles.

* Fixed autodisable system. Now is possible to set
bigger sleeping threshold values and objects won't be
sleeping on the air. They will rest on the floor
properly. See the "util.cpp" file.

* 'test_moving_trimesh.cpp' sample was tuned for see
the better auto-disable feature, and the lastest
features of ODE ( Correct trimesh collision and Better
Cylinder collision). On the 'test_moving_trimesh'
press 'l' and you will see the cylinders  in action!!.

* Added Code::Blocks with MingW32 support. But only
works with GIMPACT.     

* Jason, you've forgot to update the VS2005 project
files!!!! Now It has been updated.

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