[ODE] gimpact: ode_bodystate.h

Francisco Leon projectileman at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 28 08:29:50 MST 2006

--- Jason Perkins <starkos at gmail.com> wrote:

> What is the intention of these new functions? You
> are moving bodies
> and joints between worlds? How is this related to
> the gimpact support?
> Jason
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I've just added ode_bodystate.h because it is
necessary for moving bodies and joints between worlds.
It is an added feature from my engine Gammaleon.
In this engine, an entire world can be divided in
several Rooms (Sectors), and they are connected
through portals. Each  room is simulated separately
from the others; such approach allows to reduce the
amount of work for the ODE engine when we have to
simulate a huge  scene with many collideable objects,
and it can takes advantage of multiprocessing systems.

That Idea was taken from the Unreal Engine (2 & 3).
The term "Sky Portals" sounds familiar for you???

So you decide if 'ode_bodystate.h' can be included in
ODE or not. Nobody will be damaged.

Good luck with the SVN integration, you can do it


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