[ODE] using ODE as collision library

Hristo Hristov hhristov at delin.org
Sat Oct 28 05:44:16 MST 2006

Hello everybody,
Salut from Crystal Space dev team :). We are working hardly to pull
advanced functionallity from ODE library and use it for various stuff.

Here is one demo movie i made long time ago to demonstrate ragdoll in CS
engine (not perfect, but still)


So the problem is that sometimes i have to bring up CS collision library
and ODE at same time, which is a resource eating operation. The idea is
CS to use ODE for both: collision detection and physics simulation. For
example sometimes i want to check collision very fast even before taking
a simulation step. CS can do that now and thats why still CS collision
plugin is still needed. When i use ODE for such stuff at the moment i'm
casting a ray collider(for example) and take a step to get the collided
object. So the question is: can i take some advantages of ODE library
for certain cases of fast collision detection without taking simulation
steps? Both CS and ODE uses OPCODE and i hope that such functionality is


Hristo Hristov.

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