[ODE] Plane-Cylinder collision: not good in 0.7, worse in SVN:(

LR logreg at free.fr
Fri Oct 27 14:37:54 MST 2006


The version i use is up to date and i've no problem with cylinder plane
since ... I 've removed
 dIASSERT(Contact->depth >= 0.0) from collision_cylinder_place.cpp;

I saw that Contact->depth can be equal to -0.0f ... I don't know if it a
deboger display error but ... Its enter in assert

The first time i've replaced  dIASSERT(Contact->depth >= 0.0) for
dIASSERT(Contact->depth >= -0.0001);
And all was OK.

Conclusion 1: all is working OK if you change the dIASSERT condition (in my

To respond you question (partial response), i rebuilt my software to une
transform geoms instead of GeomOffsetd and:

Conclusion 2: Cylinder/plane is OK, cylinder sphere is not.


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For me, cyl vs plane is OK for both geomoffset and trf geoms.

Could you please do this test against svn-tree?

- Run test_boxtest and press 'y' a few times.

- Edit test_boxstack.cpp and change line 94 to:
  Rebuild, and re-run the test.

For me, both cases are OK.
I just tested this with current svn, on linux, with double prec.


On Fri, 2006-10-27 at 18:09 +0200, LR wrote:
> Hi Mauro,
> I have similars problems with cylinder & transform geoms (it's with 
> the sphere/cylinder). To resolve it, i made a compile switch witch 
> enable me to compile with "transform geoms" or with "GeomOffsets".
> Using geoms offsets solves the cylinder problems (but why ????). 
> LR
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> :(
> Hi,
> 	today I downloaded ODE trunk from SVN to test the latest patches for

> collisions between cylinder and plane. In ODE 0.7 there is some 
> problem
> (explosion) when the cylinder falls with a circular face parallel to 
> the plane (ground).
> In SVN the explosion happens everytime a cylinder hits a plane (not 
> only on its circular face).
> In my tests cylinders are transformed with geomTransforms.
> I read in the mailing-list that there has been some work on the issue 
> (cylinder-plane collision) at the beginning of september, but I fear 
> that It has not been tested the case of cylinders in geomTransform.
> Has anyone verified the behaviour of cylinders in geomTransforms 
> recently (after the changes)?
> Thanks and Bye
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