[ODE] Suggest a type of Licence for GIMPACT

Megan Fox shalinor at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 12:53:32 MST 2006

By "many of the different platforms cited here," do you mean a
console?  Which one?  Are you developing for PS3, as Jon cites?

And no one's gone into it, but what if some of the modifications you
have to make to get the best functionality out of the library (in this
case ODE/GIMPACT) involve linking it more closely to your (closed
source / sue into oblivion if revealed) resources?  Then you're stuck
in the identical condition - you can't release the source due to the
license on what you linked it closely with.

Now this issue isn't constant, but it's common and present enough that
I simply refuse to use GPL/LGPL in my production code.  I'm not about
to risk dumping months or years into a product only to get to a point,
realize I have to modify it and link it up with my closed source work
to get it to operate right, and end up having to ditch the entire
thing and start over instead.

On the other hand, I'll happily use BSD (and do), and will happily
commit appropriate and safe changes back to the community (and have).
So by going LGPL/GPL, yes, you are cutting those in situations similar
to mine out of the loop.

On 10/26/06, Justin Couch <justin at vlc.com.au> wrote:
> Jon Watte (ODE) wrote:
> > Did you even read what I wrote?
> Yes, I did. I write commercial open source code, and it runs on many of
> the different platforms cited here. I'm stating loud and clear that your
> 2 argument points are not valid at all for the reasons you are claiming
> that they are valid. I deal with this situation on a daily basis so I
> have an exceedingly clear understanding of the legal issues involved as
> well as the religious ones. Hence why I chose to speak up about your
> points being invalid.
> Justin
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