[ODE] Plane-Cylinder collision: not good in 0.7, worse in SVN :(

Mauro G. Todeschini mauro2006todeschini at itia.cnr.it
Fri Oct 27 06:58:19 MST 2006

	today I downloaded ODE trunk from SVN to test the latest patches for
collisions between cylinder and plane. In ODE 0.7 there is some problem
(explosion) when the cylinder falls with a circular face parallel to the
plane (ground).
In SVN the explosion happens everytime a cylinder hits a plane (not only
on its circular face).
In my tests cylinders are transformed with geomTransforms.
I read in the mailing-list that there has been some work on the issue
(cylinder-plane collision) at the beginning of september, but I fear
that It has not been tested the case of cylinders in geomTransform.
Has anyone verified the behaviour of cylinders in geomTransforms
recently (after the changes)?

Thanks and Bye

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