[ODE] Need some clarification regarding Integration stepts

Serethos Serethos at web.de
Fri Oct 27 05:26:39 MST 2006

I am not directly using ODE but a free simulation environment called BREVE.
Now I need to know some more about the parameter details, which BREVE
seems to take over from ODE:
There you can adjust the "Integration Step" with a float value, the 
lower, the
more accurate. The Simulation itself scales time by slicing a simulation 
into intervals, e.g.: integrationStep = 0.05 => 20Hz for any Agent to 
its state.
Now does the Integration step do the same thing, but for the physical 
In other words, if the integration step is set to 0.005 is the physical 
state of an
object updated with 200Hz ?
This value (0.005) is used as default from the simulation, is this an 
adviceable value?

Thanks for any reply

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