[ODE] GIMPACT has been released with BSD license!!

Francisco Leon projectileman at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 26 20:53:00 MST 2006

It's done.

GIMPACT has been released with a dual license: 
- LGPL for support GPL and LGPL projects. 
- BSD for support any other open source projects. 

And it has been integrated to the lastest ODE SVN:

- Change log to ODE:
* Added GIMPACT v0.0.2 with Dual BSD/LGPL license. 
* Updated with the ODE SVN 2006/10/27.  
* Totally refactored trimesh collision system. Using
GIMPACT instead of OPCODE. Now works correctly, and
faster. Visit http://gimpact.sourceforge.net.  
* Finally, test_moving_trimesh.exe works nicely.  
* Fixed autodisable system. Now is possible to set
bigger sleeping threshold values and objects won't be
sleeping on the air. They will rest on the floor

There are only one issue.... who will publish this
ode-gimpact as the ODE official release at SVN? Hey
ODE developers .... Wake Up!!!!

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