[ODE] Finally Trimesh-Trimesh collision works!!

Francisco Leon projectileman at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 26 14:43:02 MST 2006

--- "Jon Watte (ODE)" <hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org>

> How are collisions between other primitives and
> trimeshes solved?  Does 
> Gimpact replace all of them (capsules, cylinders,
> boxes, etc)? What is 
> the performance difference in the different cases? I
> can only find 
> capsule and triangle functions in Gimpact?
> Cheers,

spheres,capsules, cylinders,boxes, planes and rays are

Natively, GIMPACT only has implemented spheres and
capsules, but in the ODE-GIMPACT package the new
library has been adapted to the whole ODE library for
using the existing functionality. So take a look into
the "replacement_for_ode" folder: it only changes a
little the older box-trmesh collision, because it is
still running good. 

Test the demo "testmovingtrimeshes.exe" and you'll
discover that even the cylinders are working.

About the performance.... I've found that is quite
similar to the older OPCODE implementation, sometimes

Think about that GIMPACT is a quite inmadure. More
testing is needed. Please, do more benchmarking. That
is up to you. 


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