[ODE] Finally Trimesh-Trimesh collision works!!

Jason Perkins starkos at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 06:03:52 MST 2006

On 10/26/06, Bram Stolk <bram at sara.nl> wrote:
> A) Keep gimpact a separate package.
> B) Dump gimpact in the OpenDE src tree, as has been done with OPCODE.

Another alternative would be to teach Francisco how to use SVN ;) He
can maintain GIMPACT in its own repository, and we can pull it in
using svn:externals, which is like a symbolic link into a different

I use this for my own project. I have a Lib/ directory that contains
several svn:externals to various libraries, include ODE. When I run an
`svn update` on my project, it automatically grabs the latest code
from each repository. Very handy. You can point it at the trunk, as I
do, or at a particular branch or revision if you are worried about
breaking changes.

You can change the target at any time: I run a script at reach release
that replaces the external link from the trunk to a specific revision,
in case I ever want a historical snapshot of the whole project.

>    I guess the configure flags would the be:
>    ./configure --enable-gimpact --disable-opcode
>    or alternatively, one of:
>    ./configure --without-trimesh
>    ./configure --with-trimesh=opcode
>    ./configure --with-trimesh=gimpact

I haven't had a chance to look at GIMPACT yet, I will try to tonight.
Is it compatible with the current OPCODE API? Meaning, is it possible
to switch out OPCODE with no changes to the client application? If so,
I'd suggest using `--with-opcode`, `--with-gimpact`, and
`--disable-trimesh`. If you don't specify a trimesh engine, you get
whichever one we think is best (so newbies don't have to try to figure
it out). I'm really looking forward to checking this out!


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