[ODE] Finally Trimesh-Trimesh collision works!!

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Thu Oct 26 05:12:55 MST 2006

Francisco Leon wrote:
> ODE-GIMPACT is using the current ODE release version
> 0.7.
> But I want to integrate the latest SVN of ODE with
> Gimpact that solves that dNormalize4() problem. 


Let's see how we can integrate this.

You have to make some decisions.
Do you want to:

A) Keep gimpact a separate package.
   We could add a flag to OpenDE's configure:
   ./configure --with-gimpact=/path/to/gimpact --disable-opcode
   gimpact would have it's own development tree, which is probably a big plus

B) Dump gimpact in the OpenDE src tree, as has been done with OPCODE.
   And then develop your stuff within opende.
   I guess the configure flags would the be:
   ./configure --enable-gimpact --disable-opcode
   or alternatively, one of:
   ./configure --without-trimesh
   ./configure --with-trimesh=opcode
   ./configure --with-trimesh=gimpact

Either way, I suggest we add you as developer.
Please mail me your sourceforge ID.


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