[ODE] Integrating GIMPACT to the ODE SVN

Francisco Leon projectileman at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 26 03:55:10 MST 2006


Getting the fact that GIMPACT with ODE is working
good... do you think that GIMPACT should be included
to the Official ODE development?

Currently I'm not part of ODE team, and I don't
understand the SVN system (sorry, I'm so lazy with
those things). Can you help to integrate GIMPACT to
the Official ODE release?

However, I'm glad for invite you to do more testing to
the ODE-GIMPACT library. TestMovingTrimesh.exe is
working good, but TestTrimesh.exe is not and I wonder
why? I think that happens because GIMPACT doesn't
support two side triangle collisions.

Also, you can test the Gammaleon Demos at:

This demo  uses the Gammaleon engine, based on
ODE-GIMPACT. Runs faster that ODE demos and supports
High velocity collisions!!

Remember, I'm open for criticizes and questions. Any
idea for improve ODE will be appreciated.


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