[ODE] ODE .NET Bindings Performance Issues, Unsafe code, etc...

Lukasz Stafiniak lukstafi at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 12:01:30 MST 2006


Long ago, I've written here about adding reference counting to ODE for
integration with external garbage collectors. What I really needed
(I've patched my ODE 0.5) are proxy objects to ODE objects, which can
tell if an ODE object lives (non-null pointer) or has been deleted
(pointer set to null). The only management needed from ODE is setting
these pointers to null when deleting objects. (I also added keeping
geoms from a deleted space alive when their proxies are still held by
someone, but this is not essential.)

I remember thinking a lot about this matter (but not the thoughts
unfortunately.) What do you think?

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