[ODE] ODE .NET Bindings Performance Issues, Unsafe code, etc...

Terry L. Triplett c0d3g33k at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 12:39:29 MST 2006

On 10/19/06, Gonçalo Lopes <goncaloclopes at gmail.com> wrote:
> > >   * separate the wrapper into two design levels: API bindings level
> > > (lower-level wrapper) and .NET level types and classes
> >
> > I am producing an API binding; I have no plans for a class library but
> > welcome anyone else to take up the challenge.
> Ok, I'll be more than happy to help the community on this regard, but
> first we need a solid and efficient lower-level API bindings.

The 2-design levels approach is the general approach taken by the Tao
bindings.  The highlevel wrapper corresponding to Tao.Ode (those other
'solid and efficient lower-level API bindings) is OdeDotNet.  Since the new
Ode bindings will be presenting virtually the same API as Tao, OdeDotNet
should be easily adaptable to them, and the project could use some help
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