[ODE] dRFromEulerAngles interpretation

Bill Sellers wis at mac.com
Wed Oct 11 01:11:29 MST 2006

Either pick one of the standard versions or include all 24 (since  
some of us prefer a static frame to a rotating frame). There's some  
nice code by Ken Shoemake in Graphic Gems for converting back and  
forth between all 24 versions of Euler angles and quaternions.


However I've no idea what the licensing is like.


On 11 Oct 2006, at 00:25, Kosei Demura wrote:

> Dear All,
> I think that dRFromEulerAngles looks like an euler angle based on  
> the Nasa Standard Aerospace as shown in
> 1.http://oemagazine.com/fromTheMagazine/nov05/tutorial.html
> 2.http://www.euclideanspace.com/maths/geometry/rotations/euler/ 
> index.htm
> I uses ODE for my educational materials in our robotics department,  
> and I have some problems about dRFromEulerAngles. Because it is not  
> a standard euler angle in Robotics.
> In robotics, there are 12 euler angles. So, please name APIs like
> dRFromXYZEulerAngles, dRFromXZYEulerAngles, dRFromYXZEulerAngles,  
> dRFromYZXEulerAngles,
> dRFromZXYEulerAngles, dRFromZYXEulerAngles, dRFromXYXEulerAngles,  
> dRFromXZXEulerAngles,
> dRFromYXYEulerAngles, dRFromYZYEulerAngles, dRFromZXZEulerAngles,  
> dRFromZYZEulerAngles.
> I think those APIs are very clear for everyone.
> Thanks,
> Kosei

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