[ODE] Composite geometry

Arturo Colorado Garín acolorado at telefonica.net
Wed Oct 4 16:14:15 MST 2006

> I want to have a geometry consisting of five geometry boxes.  So I
> thought I could use geometry transform and add more than one geometry
> to a body but the manual indicates that only one geometry can be added
> to a body.
> I tried to join together five bodies but it seems that if the geometry
> fits to closely you get a system that behaves strangely (in my case
> rotated by itself).

Yes, you can associate any number of geoms to the same body. Then, in your 
collision callback get the bodies associated to the two geoms that are 
colliding (or about to collide). If both are attached to your cart body (or 
whatever you are modelling), don't even call dCollide() to find contact 
points since you are going to ignore them. If they are attached to other 
bodies, call dCollide() and create contact joints as usual.



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