[ODE] Trimesh questions

Tim Sorrells tsorrells at breakawayltd.com
Tue Oct 3 07:24:00 MST 2006

I have a few questions about trimesh usage.  Are the vertices provided
to dGeomTriMeshDataBuildSingle considered to be in world coordinates or
local?  Does the position/rotation of the trimesh geom modify these
vertices or is this information ignored?  Will a TransformGeom have any
effect on the vertices?


It looks like ODE only keeps around the pointer passed in with the verts
and doesn't copy all of the verts, so if the application wants to update
the position of the verts in the mesh, does it need to do anything other
than modify them directly in the array?  I noticed there was a function
I couldn't find documentation for called dGeomTriMeshDataUpdate that
looked like it might be useful for this purpose.

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