[ODE] Segfaulting ODE with too many objects -- ALLOC vs MALLOC

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 3 02:52:02 MST 2006

> I noticed... ;) I'm working on a new one. What's the process around
> here for a review/checkin? I'll even throw in a benchmarker for free.

Hi, If you submit a patch to the OpenDE project on SourceForge it'll
get looked at. Whether you'll get any feedback will probably pretty
random based on who is busy right now with other stuff. However, if
you put something up there and announce that you've done so on this
list - and no-one has any complaints in a reasonable time frame, then
it's likely to get integrated - especially as it seems to be
implemented as part of build option.


ps. A good way to convince people who try it out, who may need a bit
of help understanding what you've achieved, would be to provide a
testbed which demonstrates a situation where failure would happen if
it wasn't for your submission. Your mention of a benchmarker is

I don't have a game/engine that has enough going on in it to cause a
crash and I doubt many other people do (as that would be a bit of a
dead-end developement wise :-) ). So a working test would be a very
helpful addition.


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