[ODE] Create joint with given relative pos/rot of two bodies

Ignacio García Fernández ignacio.garcia at uv.es
Tue Nov 28 08:31:23 MST 2006


I'm developing a model in which, during the simulation, I need to fix
two bodies using a given relative position/orientation, which is not the
actual relative position/orientation.

Think of two bodies that I want to join by an slider joint, aligned with
their X axis, and passing through their centre.

I need to keep them free until they are close enough. And I'd like to
avoid using dBodySetPosition before calling dJointAttach, to avoid

I have managed a way to do it, which I outline below, but I'd like to
know if there is a better way.

What I currently do is:

1) If body A and body B are ready to be attached, then:
	2) Store body A's position and orientation in
	   auxiliary variables.
	3) Change A's position and orientation to fit the relative
	   position and orientation I desire, and then join them.
	4) Restore A to its previous position and orientation
5) let the simulation go on.

Any comments and suggestions will be welcome.


Ignacio García

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