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Tue Nov 28 02:11:42 MST 2006

Intel has released a library SML (small matrix library) fully sse optimized.
The code is available. But I'm affraid the licence is not GNU compatible.
But it's very interresting if you want to see how to make basic sse matrix


2006/11/27, Piotr Obrzut <piotr_obrzut at o2.pl>:
> hi,
> > ODE uses macros widely for vector operations, so it
> > could take advantage of SIMD instructions implicity.
> > Modern compilers translate macros to SIMD instructions
> > by default, if you configure the project for
> > generating MMX/Pentium 3 instructions.
> indeed, I was trying to make faster code for matrix and vectors
> operations, but in result I was very close to c++ version with
> compiler optimizations on (it was vc7) - imho you can get very slight
> improvement, but the work might be huge...
> --
> greetings,
> Piotr Obrzut
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