Hristo Hristov hhristov at delin.org
Mon Nov 27 06:02:34 MST 2006

Rodrigo Hernandez wrote:
> SIMD is the acronym for "Single Instruction, Multiple Data", to make the 
> story short, its SSE(1-3) on Intel (and also 3dNow! on AMD) and 
> Altivec(am I correct?) on PowerPC.
> There are no plans at the moment, which means feel free to implement it 
> yourself and contribute the code to the project if so you wish to do.
> Cheers!

Well, i'm afraid i'm not too deep in ODE source at all and probably i'll
fail if i try to do that only by myself. It is good to make a plan about
that i.e. what exactly is needed - ode math simd support only or more
deep change. For collision libraries change i think it is better to ask
the authors of GIMPACT and OPCODE ... or developers that knows exactly
where we can speed up the stuff.


> Francisco Leon wrote:
>> Is SIMD a Linear Algebra library?
>> --- Hristo Hristov <hhristov at delin.org> wrote:
>>> Is it planned ODE to use SIMD for faster collision
>>> detection?
>>> Hristo.
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