[ODE] ode and glut

Basak Alper basakalper at gmail.com
Sat Nov 25 00:16:47 MST 2006

Hi again,
My actual question was how to integrate ode loop within a glut loop.
I achieved to do some so far, but I have more specific questions now.
I call the ODE initializations within the glut init func. Then I am calling
simLoop of ode within the timer func. of glut. I did so, because simLoop has
no such consistency. It runs faster on a small screen. But called in timer
it seems like running much slower.
Other than that, the contact group is emptied at the end of each simLoop. I
am not sure where should I be calling the following functions.

  dJointGroupDestroy (contactgroup);
  dSpaceDestroy (space);
  dWorldDestroy (world);

Currently I am calling these in the main function after calling
glutMainLoop(). I am seeing a simulation but I need to know if I am in the
right direction.

On 11/24/06, Gussimulator <gussimulator at yahoo.com.ar> wrote:
> His actual question was "how do I compile without any extras, just the
> physics simulation code".
> Please read carefuly... just because he mentions he wants to add shaders
> using glut doesnt mean hes asking you how to achive such thing....
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