[ODE] ode and glut

Christoph Frick frick at sc-networks.com
Thu Nov 23 04:06:23 MST 2006

On Thu, Nov 23, 2006 at 01:40:19AM -0800, Basak Alper wrote:

> I want to use ode in a project but I want to incorporate shaders to
> illuminate and texture the objects.  The easiest way for me is using
> glut.  Does anyone know how to use ODE just as dynamics engine and
> exclude drawstuff and windowing part from ODE? I don't have much time
> to figure out and don't know how ODE's windowing works.

drawstuff is no integral part of ode. it is just a addon to visualize
the test-scenarious. you can use ode with whatever visual
representation you want.

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