[ODE] how to count angular velocity...

Krystian Ligenza s2562 at pjwstk.edu.pl
Wed Nov 22 13:26:34 MST 2006


is't probably very easy question, but I have gave up :(
I have got dBody in 2 time steps. I know it's rotation matrix in both time
step (t and t+1), and need to count body angular velocity in t+1. I have
tried do it in this way:

R(t+1) = R(t)*R(transformation), so

R(transformation) = R(t)-1 * R(t+1), after this I have converted
R(trasnformation) to euler rotation vector, and used it like this:

dBodySetAngularVel(body, vEx/timeStep, vEy/timeStep, vEz/timeStep);

R(t) -> rotation matrix in first time step
R(t)-1 -> inverse matrix R(t)
R(t+1) -> rotation matrix in second time step
vEx/vEy/vEz -> euler rotation x/y/z

but it don't behave good :( Can somebody help me?


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