[ODE] Servo motor and getHingeAngle range

Julien BIBOLLET julien.bibollet at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 04:30:51 MST 2006


I'm using ODE to build a robot simulation.
I use following code (from ODE's FAQ) to simulate servos:

> dReal Gain = 0.1;
> dReal MaxForce = 100;
> dReal TruePosition = dJointGetHingeAngle(joint);
> dReal DesiredPosition = /* whatever */;
> dReal Error = TruePosition - DesiredPosition;
> dReal DesiredVelocity = -Error * Gain;
> dJointSetHingeParam(joint[a], dParamFMax, MaxForce);
> dJointSetHingeParam(joint[a], dParamVel, DesiredVelocity);

the problem is that i have a motor whose range is -220° <-> 20°, initialy
positionned at angle 0°.
As the getHingeAngle returns an angle between -PI and PI, this one has huge
problems when the DesiredPosition is near and less than -180°.

I think that to resolve my problem, I should set an offset at beginning, so
that my angles would be in range -120° <-> 120° (meaning recentering at the
middle of the range).
But in my simulation, it's not easy to do this, since I would need to
rebuild all my robot.

So, is it possible, after building the body and joint tree, to specify that
angle of the Hinge is not 0, but a given offset (and then, I will subtract
this offset to the result givent by dJointGetHingeAngle to get correct

Or does anyone have an idea of how to build a servo motor without the -PI PI
range, or any other ideas ??

Thanks a lot for any help.
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