[ODE] how can i use dGeomSetCollideBits()?

Francisco Leon projectileman at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 21 09:05:35 MST 2006

For all geoms in ODE 'category_bits' and
'collide_bits' are set to 0xFFFFFFFF by default. It
means that objects  are collideable and also they
could collide every objects.

Suppose that you want to make a group of static
objects, like statues, such are collideable by moving
objects but between them shouldn't coollide each
For configuring these statues you must call
dGeomSetCollideBits(geom,0), which means that you are
setting the 'collide_bits' to 0 mask. It means that
these statues won't raise a collision when they
overlap with other statue.

But a projectile can collide the statue, because the
projectile has 'collide_bits' set to 0xFFFFFFFF,  and
it is compatible with the 'category_bits' field in the
statue geom. 

--- sssa2000 <sssa2000 at 163.com> wrote:

> i am confused with the dGeomSetCollideBits(), how
> can i set the bit?
> the doc said the bit must at least 32bits. i do not
> know how to set the CollideBits, should i write as
> this: dGeomSetCollideBits(geo1,00000...0000000)?
> if i have 3 objects, if one of them had been set the
> collide bits, Is other two need set the collide
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