[ODE] Culling of object collisions outside viewpoint

Christoph Beyer boernerb at web.de
Sun Nov 19 07:51:26 MST 2006

*Lewis Foster* wrote:

>Does ode always solve all objects in the world fully or are objects outside
>the field of view treated differently?

ODE doesn't care about a viewfrustum. ODE is only a physics-engine.

>I'm thinking i could speed up my simulation by simplifying objects behaviour
>outside the viewpoint.

>Any ideas anyone?

not really...
Only a poor idea:
You can damp the objects outside your viewfrustum more than the objects inside.
So the objects i.e behind the camera gets disabled earlier ( more performance ).
But i think this is a bad idea, the effort is bigger than the benefit.

If you have a very very big level, then you can separate the whole level into different worlds and spaces
and step the with different timesteps. The problem is the transition between the worlds:
Somtimes a body is in both worlds; and how to implement this?

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