[ODE] ragdoll and muscle's

Krystian Ligenza kxxl at poczta.onet.pl
Sat Nov 18 08:13:29 MST 2006

thanks for advice, I will give it a try becouse it's sound interesting.
I'm only wondering what is a dParamStopCFM for?

PS.sorry for late answer, but don't know why I got this mail with late.


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> One trick you can do is to add motors to each joint, so that in
> addition to hard stops, you've got "soft stops" where the limb tries
> to move back to a certain joint range within the tolerances set by
> your max force / etc.
> It isn't really a full on muslce sim, but it looks nicer than going
> straight from loose joint to locked position - it simulates the way in
> which a human body can be made to stretch in many directions, but when
> relaxed will return to a more natural posture.
> On 11/6/06, kxxl at poczta.onet.pl <kxxl at poczta.onet.pl> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have created ragdoll using ODE (set bones, joints and limits)  but 
>> setting limits don't make falling of my character look very realistic. In 
>> my implementation ragdoll don't have muscles, how to add them to make my 
>> character more stiff?
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>> KxL
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