[ODE] General lack of understanding

mal content artifact.one at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 16 14:40:32 MST 2006

On 16/11/06, mal content <artifact.one at googlemail.com> wrote:
> I see what you mean about the friction. As I said, I just based the code
> on test_boxstack. I'll try some smaller values to see if it makes any
> difference.

Changing the friction to 1000 caused the same behaviour. Setting the
friction to 100 causes the box to penetrate and then it appears to
slowly move up and out of the larger box. Setting the friction to 10
makes the box appear to pass through the larger box altogether.

I'm suspicious of the fact that both boxes have zero 'depth' (Z size).
Setting Z-size to 1.0 for each box (dCreateBox(space, o->block.w,
o->block.h, 1.0)) doesn't really make any difference though.


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