[ODE] strange hinge joint behaviour: bug?

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Wed Nov 15 08:24:22 MST 2006

Hi Mauro,

> Hi,
> 	I created a hinge joint between 2 bodies: b1 and b2.
> dJointAttach(joint, b1, b2);
> I set the joint parameters (anchor axis and so on).
> I set LoStop=0.0f and HiStop=2.0f.
> I fixed b1 to the environment with a fixed joint.
> The joint works but if I attach b2 directoly to the world
> dJointAttach(joint, 0, b2);
> with exactly the same joint parameters, the joint lets b2 rotate in the
> opposite direction; as if i changed LoStop to -2.0f and HiStop to 0.0f.
> Has anyone else experienced the same behaviuor?
> It seems strange to me but I'm not really sure It is a ODE bug.
> I'm using a recent ODE SVN version.

When you attach only one body to a joint. The body is "moved" to the 
first "node" of the joint and it is considered as body1.
So the inversion of rotation is almost normal knowing the move.


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