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Subject: [ opende-Patches-1336066 ] Joint feedback in quickstep

Initial Comment:
In quickstep you don't get correct joint feedbacks in
case there are more than one joint on a body. For each
joint the feedback you get is actually sum of feedbacks
of all connected joints.

This patch computes feedbacks by multiplying the part
of lambda vector related to the joint in question with
respective block of J' matrix.


Comment By: Remi Ricard (papadoc)
Date: 2006-11-10 09:48

Most of the patch can be found in the trunk revision 1119.
The only missing part is the part where only part of the
Jacobian matrix is copied.
In the code the complete Jacobian matrix is copied and saved
to be used later.


Comment By: jsinecky (jsinecky)
Date: 2005-10-24 03:45

I think this patch made it to Unstable (or stable) branch but
unfortunately in it's premature state. This final version is more
efficient but AFAIK was not applied to CVS.


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