[ODE] update ragdoll joint's position from animation

Krystian Ligenza kxxl at poczta.onet.pl
Wed Nov 8 03:09:03 MST 2006


I have a character that is being driven by animation, and I can create from 
it's bone possition ragdoll that can be driven by ODE. Now I wonder how to 
update ODE ragdoll joints position to fallow my animation? As for now I only 
want to fallow them without affecting them by physics (no dynamic motion), 
becouse I don't want to rebuild ragdoll every time I wan't to check 
collisions. Can you help me?
I have checked solution from Userguide/FAQ (Is it advisable to set body 
velocities directly, instead of applying a force or torque?), but can't get 
it to work.
And I have tried to use PD controller presented by Michael Mandel, but this 
didn't help me either.


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