[ODE] Boxes floating in a plane

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Tue Nov 7 14:13:02 MST 2006

Martijn Buijs wrote:
> So the main issue is that ODE 'pushes' (dBodyAddForce) the objects out of each other instead of 
> 'moving' (dBodySetPosition) them.

The reason it does that is because it solves all constraints on all 
objects at the same time, finding a "globally optimal" solution. This 
helps in cases where objects get squished into corners, etc.

How does your solver deal with a case where an object gets wedged in a 
narrow corner, and moving it out of one of the surfaces will make it 
move further into the other? Or do you run swept intersection, and abort 
the time step at the first contact? (Evenso, you'll get problems with 
moving-moving intersections).


       / h+

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