[ODE] Fwd: [ opende-Patches-1589445 ] Update vs2003 solution to add gimpact

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 4 05:53:27 MST 2006

> I don't have idea how SVN is managed. Many of the
> patches that I've sent haven't been updated on SVN
> (specially my OPCODE fix)
> About updating the vs2003 for GIMPACT, I've made a
> solution in vs2005 which integrates GIMPACT and OPCODE
> and they're working correctly at 100%, download from:
> http://gimpact.sourceforge.net/odepatches/replacement_for_ode_svn20061028.zip

Hi, I have taken the time this morning to look at the contents of your
linked zip file and, with the exception of the codeblocks project
(which at this time is not a supported development environment for
ODE), there is nothing in it that has not been either added to the
latest SVN repository - or, in the case of the remaining opcode
trimesh-trimesh patch registered in SourceForge here:


which will definitely be looked at in due time and either integrated
or not based on what the feedback is from this mailing list.

I agree with what Bram has said, and I'm not sure why you seem to
think you're being... ignored in some way? you certainly come across
like this in your email.

Please try to learn about SVN and .diff files because it's really not
very difficult to do when compared to the complexity of writing a
trimesh collision function! and also please listen to the suggestions
made about the form in which you submit patches - it makes everyones
lives easier.

Did you know that your ZIP file above contains files which are no
longer valid and if they were directly copied over the top of the
latest files would actually break, or remove functionality? - for
example util.cpp has changed a fair bit due to Christoph's
auto-disable feature. A .diff file for your change would have allowed
both changes to co-exist for more than a week.

I have consistently found this to be a very welcoming community and
one which has always seemed very grateful for even minor tweaks and
improvements. But it's not fair to expect the people with SVN access
to do so much work to polish your rough submissions in a time frame
far greater than any other patch has appraised in the past.

You must also remember It's especially difficult to review massive
changes to the code compared to smaller 'no brainer' patches or new
features that are totally optional. Just because you are convinced
that you've done The Right Thing, doesn't mean people will believe it
without some evidence.

Going back to your opcode trimesh-trimesh changes you must always
remember that any change in the way something works is going to affect
everyone who uses ODE, and so if were to be applied without first
giving the community time to agree or object it wouldn't be fair on

That is why we often get mails on this list advertising some of the
bigger changes with all of the facts presented for review and then an
invitation for discussion - all of which takes time. If you were to
put together a detailed explanation of how you have changed opcode
that would go a long way to convincing people - at the moment all we
have is a replacement block of code right now and that is going to be
_very_ difficult to find time to evaluate fairly.


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