[ODE] Boxes floating in a plane

Christoph Beyer boernerb at web.de
Sat Nov 4 03:26:45 MST 2006

*Kyle Hubert wrote:*
> I just bumped the mass up really high, that's all.

Yes you're right. It happens with all heavy objects.
It happens with all kind of geom: heavy objects
( affected by gravity, or other forces/velocities ) are floating into 
other objects!
It seems to be a "bug" of the correction-forces.
disabling soft_cfm and incrementing the soft_erp value reduces this problem,
but it is never solved.
I hope, that someone has an idea how to solve this.
Because i need cfm to avoid jittering (i.e. in boxstacks),
but high cfm makes small objects with more than 5000 mass 
floating/bouncing into walls.


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