[ODE] Moving an island of bodies around by setting a position

Tobias Schlegel tobias.schlegel at visual-imagination.de
Fri Nov 3 11:24:08 MST 2006

Russell Bartley schrieb:
 > Hi,
 > I'm trying to put an island of bodies connected by joints in my
 > app, and it would make my life a lot easier if I could move the whole
 > island around by setting its position.
 > I realise that you can only use ODE bodies with joints if they are
 > attached to another ODE body, or the world (i.e. NULL).
 > This means that the entire island of geometries all need to have
 > bodies, and hence can only be moved around by forces.
 > Has anyone else needed to move an ODE body around by setting its
 > position?
 >     Is there any way of doing this?
 >     Thanks
 >     Russ

yes, i tried that and failed ;)

Moving every body and every joint for the same distance didn't work as 
expected, i think it has something to do with some saved positions from 
the last frame.

The only workaround I found was recreating the objects. This does work 
ok when respawning a car to a new position or something similar. I 
haven't tried how fast this is when doing it every frame.

Maybe someone should look into ODE and provide some 
island-moving-function. That would be great :)


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