[ODE] Trimesh question

Riley Lark rileylark at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 15:34:23 MST 2006

Thanks for the advice.  I just got the latest source from SVN.  The
problem I was describing is gone, and the pyramid comes to rest on the
floor normally.  At least, it looks like it almost wants to, but it's
EXTREMELY unstable (nowhere near as stable as the bunny in the test
projects).  Is there something I need to do to stabilize it?  I'm not
doing any temporal coherence stuff, but I would think that would
affect only the speed of the simulation and not the accuracy.

The simulation has relatively low speeds (2 units / sec) and it's very
unstable even with 150 updates per second.  The triangles are about 1
unit long per side and are resting atop a box.

Thanks for any more advice~

On 11/2/06, Christoph Beyer <boernerb at web.de> wrote:
> trimesh is still in development, there was a big fix a few days ago.
> you can download the latest version from the svn, if you want to compile
> it yourselve.
> or ask someone to compile it for you and send the library to you.
> @ all: If someone could please compile the current svn-version for
> windows and upload the debug/realease dll,
> would be great :-)
> I have some problems compiling them correctly in VS 2005 and using them,
> and I want to test, if it is only my problem or a bug in ode!
> cheers
> christoph
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