[ODE] Fwd: [ opende-Patches-1589445 ] Update vs2003 solution to add gimpact

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 2 15:10:46 MST 2006

> Ideally, we would include both OPCODE and GIMPACT in the build, with a
> #define to control which one got used. We aren't at that point; there
> is no way to "turn off" OPCODE with just a define.


Perhaps I am slightly confused here so apologies if I'm telling you
something you already know, but even if there is currently no way to
_completely_ "turn off" OPCODE, you definitely can add GIMPACT as a
redundant part of the project and switch between the two using

So forgive me for missing your concern, but what harm is there in the
short term of having a project that has both engines in it? compared
to the current set of project files which don't actually compile
without (admittedly relatively minor) changes.

Once such an all encompassing project was in place, I'm sure a patch
to allow ODE to build with the OPCODE folder removed leaving only
GIMPACT would be easy to make (
I submitted a patch a few months ago to allow ODE to build without an
OPCODE folder, this task seems no more difficult ) and the end user
project modification itself would be trivial - and something I think
only a few people would be interested in at the end of a project.

I firmly believe that it would be a step in the right direction to
include both engines in the build for the time being - I believe it
will likely take a long time, if ever, for GIMPACT to be proven to be
definitively _better_ than OPCODE for _every_ user of ODE and for that
engine to be retired completely.

So until then I think we really need a (if only a short term) fix for
the out of date project files in SVN and to help out Francisco with as
many eyes on his project as possible.


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