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Thu Nov 2 14:06:47 MST 2006

I'm happy to see an increase in activity in the .NET bindings to ODE.
Right now I'm still a bit short of time to performance test my
solution, but I'll be sure to include your bindings in the testing.
The more solutions' available the better, but we must be sure to adopt
the most fit solution.

I'm also considering the chance of porting just the high-level side of
my API to Managed C++. It should be considerably easy, and for those
who are just interested in Windows framework it should logically
provide increased performance. I'll analyze the possibility over the
weekend and next week.

Great work Jason, I'm sure we'll be sure to have a great and
definitive solution to ODE in .NET when all the dust settles.

Best regards,


On 11/2/06, Jason Perkins <starkos at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just checked in the bulk of an API-level .NET binding. I still have
> to work my way through some of the support headers like error.h,
> memory.h, etc. but the main API is done. I have done very little
> testing in order to get it done quickly, so I'll be counting on
> feedback to catch any problems.
> I decided to put in the functions requiring the unsafe modifier, such
> as dBodyGetPosition() and the like. I expose the unsafe function with
> "Unsafe" tacked on the end, and then a wrapper you can use if you
> don't want to enable unsafe mode in your own code.
>   public class d {
>     public unsafe Vector3* BodyGetPositionUnsafe(IntPtr body);
>     public Vector3 BodyGetPosition(IntPtr body) {
>        unsafe { return *BodyGetPositionUnsafe(body); }
>     }
>   }
> There is also a `--no-unsafe` switch on the premake script so you can
> exclude all unsafe code if you want, but I haven't implemented all of
> the Copy...() replacements yet, in my ideological battle against
> unsafe code ;)
> I am going to finish binding all of these support functions, and then
> I'll start looking into implementing a higher-level API.
> Enjoy, feedback welcome.
> Jason
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