[ODE] GIMPACT with doubles

Pierre Terdiman pierre.terdiman at novodex.com
Thu Nov 2 01:29:21 MST 2006

Note that the only place where doubles are actually needed is the
world-space position of your objects. If everything else works in relative
space (e.g. collision routines), then the extra accuracy doesn't buy you
anything. In particular, storing the mesh vertices in doubles is usually not

- Pierre

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> Francisco Leon wrote:
> > If you're making a game, why do you need doubles?
> >
> > Games don't need doubles. And monsters don't need AI,
> > because they're stupid!!! :D :D :D
> >
> Games need doubles (or some other large-range solution), if they want a
> map bigger than about 2km x 2km.
> And simulations routinely use geocentric coordinates, which measure
> position in distance-from-earth-center, which totally needs double
> precision.
> Cheers,
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