[ODE] Auto Disable Improvement patch #1586738

Kyle Hubert khubert at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 20:10:29 MST 2006

> Which prevents a body from disabling unless it has at least one joint
> (of any type) attached to it. As the patch describes, this should fix
> the case where a projectile in flight reaches the top of it's porabola
> and is ready to start it's descent under gravity - when the
> auto-disable tolerances kick in and suspend it in mid air.
> With this simple patch applied you should be able to prevent this
> happening and allow you to raise the global disable velocities, etc.
> thus potentially improving performance.

What happens when a body does have a contact joint and it is still
following a parabolic path? For instance, a box slowly tipping over on
one corner typically auto disables while reaching it's zenith because
it's linear and angular velocity is small. If a user suspects that
they can increase the global disable velocities with this patch, this
problem would become more prevalent. No?


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