[ODE] Fwd: Contact Points?How dCollide function generate contact points?

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Sat May 13 06:14:27 MST 2006

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From: Emre EGE <emreege at gmail.com>
Date: May 9, 2006 3:00 PM
Subject: Contact Points?How dCollide function generate contact points?
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I have a question about contacts points between an object and a plane.
I have created a plane that has very low ERP and high CFM. (So the
planes behaves like a sea.) And the object starts falling down to the
plane. But i want apply some forces to the body when it contacted with
the plane. In the ODE user guide it writes that "dCollide" function
generates contact points. And i made some research and i found
generally 3 contact points are used for boxes.

The question is, how ODE generate these points? Where are the
poisitions of the contact points? Can i get more contact points then 3
for more accurate calculations?

And lastly if you send me good tutorials or links about dCollide
function and contact points i will be very happy. I couldn't
understand much from ODE User Manual.

Please help. Have a good day.

(NOTE: I am making an underwater vehicle simulation and i want to
calculate forces like friction, drag etc. by myself with mathematical
formulations. But after calculating these values to which point of
body i will apply the forces?)

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