[ODE] 0.6 Release

Justin Couch justin at vlc.com.au
Wed May 10 09:28:19 MST 2006

STenyaK (Bruno Gonzalez) wrote:
> Was going to reply that :) A bit more detailed explanation:
> In subversion, tag == branch == trunk == any directory. They are all  
> directories.

Ah, cool. I've not used subversion yet. Mostly SCCS, ClearCase (blah!) 
and CVS. I've been getting some pressure from several of our clients to 
move our own open source projects over to SVN over the last several 
months. Guess I'll have to learn soon :)

Can't wait for the 0.6 release. I'm a bit too busy with my own current 
projects undergoing some major restructuring (we're adding Eclipse/SWT 
support), but once that is complete I'll be able to at least help out 
with a lot of the cross platform testing. We've got Solaris Sparc/64, 
Linux x86_32/64 , Mac OSX PPC/x86 and Win32 machines here that we can 
run a tinderbox build system on. Unfortunately, mostly behind firewalls, 
but may be able to organise something in the long run.

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