[ODE] defy gravity on an object

Sharad Gupta sharadgupta at ariworld.com
Tue May 9 06:06:11 MST 2006

Thanks very much for the help. i can not probably disable the effect of 
gravity on it as there is another object hanging from it. So on disabling 
the gravity it comes down falling since the other object is joined with it 
using ball anchor type.

Now my problem is as follows:

I craeted two ODE boxs b1 and b2. I have fixed say box b1 in the air by 
colliding it with some geom object big enough. These 2 boxes b1 and b2 are 
conncted through rope. So to represent it in ODE world, i created one 
cylinder say C1 and created two ball joints at both the ends connecting it 
with the two boxes b1 and b2.

Now when i move b1 in the z axis direction using arrow keys, i expect my box 
b2 also to follow it as its hanging from it. But my program crashes.

What should i do?


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> Hi,
>> how to create an ODE body positioned in the air which does not fall 
>> because of gravity.
>> I want it to be body instead of geom as need to create joints with it...
>> I also tried one geom placed underneath my ODE bosy in the air. But it 
>> still it comes down falling.
>> Please advice..........
> Add a force equal to the gravity force and in the opposite direction.
> Remi

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