[ODE] Building on MacOSX (and now Linux)

Samuli Riihonen samuli at riihonen.net
Sat May 6 11:00:43 MST 2006

sh autogen.sh && ./configure --enable-double-precision && make

Everything goes smoo-ooth :)

- Samuli

On 6.5.2006, at 19.45, Rodrigo Hernandez wrote:

> Samuli Riihonen wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Just sent Rodrigo a fixed version of osx.cpp that compiles also  
>> using  gcc-3.3 (at least on my system: OS X 10.4.6 Tiger).
>> All of ode now compiles just fine with both gcc 3.3 and 4.0.1  
>> after  renaming test_chain1.c to .cpp and adding LINK=$(CXXLINK)  
>> to  Makefile.am in ode/src.
> Ok, try now, I changed the test Makefile.am to use g++ as the C  
> compiler if on OSX, in theory should have the same effect as  
> renaming the file, right?
>> Googling for isnanf, I found the following:
>> http://lists.apple.com/archives/Unix-porting/2004/Aug/msg00066.html
>> Could someone who is having the problem just try to change the  
>> call  from isnanf to isnan and see if that fixes the problem?
> Well, it does fix it, however, in order to do it the way it should  
> be done, we should use the HAVE_ISNANF define thats on config.h
> I tried doing so, but since configure does detect (at least on  
> MinGW) the function, it has no effect.

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