[ODE] can the length of the cylinder be changed?

Sharad Gupta sharadgupta at ariworld.com
Sat May 6 01:55:17 MST 2006


Is it possible to change the length/width/height of the box after i have 
created it. Likewise is it possible to change the length of the cylinder 
after its craeted and joined with another body using ball joint.

My requirement is that i have two bodies ( basically boxes) and out of which 
one on the top is fixed and the other can go up/down. And these two bodies 
are connected through rope.

As per my understanding so far, i thought of joining these two boxes with a 
cylinder and which is connected at either end using ball and socket joint. 
But now my requirement says that i should be able to change the length of 
the cylinder keeping one end of it tied with the box at the top.

I did see one method "dgeomCCylinderSetParams" in the ode user manual but 
not sure if this is what i need.

In other words, is it possible to model a pendulum with changing length in 


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